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VHA Chauffeured Cars and Taxi Regulation

The taxi industry as a whole is rapidly changing every day. Currently, there are various ways one can be transported to their destination. These include by means of tram, train or bus, and also includes the use of an accredited and licensed taxi, unaccredited Uber vehicles, and if you would like to travel in luxury and with highly experienced drivers, there are licenced VHA chauffeured cars.

VHA stands for Victorian Hire Accreditation. To operate chauffeured VHA cars a business has to follow taxi regulations such as:

  • Hire cars can only operate on a pre-booked basis; they can't be hailed on the street or from a taxi rank.
  • All vehicles must be strictly maintained and in Roadworthy Condition at all times.
  • All VHA vehicles must fall within an allowable luxury vehicle list in order to be used as a chauffeured vehicle.
  • They can be luxury sedans, stretched limousines, hybrids and non-luxury vehicles.
  • Hire cars do not have meters – charges are negotiated between the business and customer.
  • Hire cars operate within two zones in Victoria - Metropolitan and Country hire car zones. (For more information visit

    Not so long ago, a chauffeured car trip was much more expensive than that of taxis. In Melbourne there were only a few companies operating chauffeured services. Many changes to the taxi industry were implemented recently. Today there are around 5,000 hire car vehicles operating in Victoria. This increase in available services leaves a dent in the luxury and quality often associated with private chauffeured transfers, however due to increased competition, the cost of taking a trip in a chauffeured vehicle today is affordable to everyone.

    As the industry has changed, one thing has remained the same; the luxury, quality and professionalism of Just VHA staff that we’ve been building for more than 16 years.

    Just VHA’s main focus is on our customer satisfaction. We are a humble, family owned business operating out of Melbourne, with close ties to similar professional transfer services around Australia.

    We offer a variety of luxury cars to meet your requirements. Whether you require a car for transfer to the airport or a luxury transfer to a restaurant or theatre for special occasions, we’re here for you. We also offer various types of day tours and sightseeing drives, and will even cater for those who wish to explore the city and go shopping. No matter what your needs are, just let us know and we will help organise the best vehicle for you.

    Our cars are our first impression and our pride. They are the face of our business. Our vehicles are serviced regularly – they are safe, clean, comfortable, luxurious and are often the best vehicles in their class.

    Our chauffeurs are all mature, well presented, highly professional, discrete, and experienced drivers. They know each twist and turn of the roads and are experts at escaping the ever growing Melbourne traffic.

    Just VHA has been operating for 16 years as an independent chauffeured cars business in Melbourne. We have over 5,000 clients and this number is growing every year. Our aim is to double this number by the year 2018. You can help us achieve our goal by booking your next transfer with us!

    Call our friendly operator on 0412 244 585 and tell us what car you require. Or simply go to our website and fill out the booking form on the booking page. You can also check the price on our quotes page.

    Please read our Terms and Conditions for payment options and more information.

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  • Chauffeur Cars Melbourne

    Just VHA Chauffeured cars guarantee

    When it comes to individuals who travel for work, there are always two types. Those who are organised and plan ahead, and those who do not and leave everything to the last minute. Believe it or not, each has its pro’s and con’s.

    The organised individual plans ahead, is ready and prepared. They plan their day and organise themselves in a manner which would allow them to work with the most efficiency and least delay, meanwhile, the unorganised individual leaves things to the last minute and hope’s they’ve got everything they need to make their daily commute to work.

    We at Just VHA love both of these types of clients, regardless of how you prepare for your day, we can guarantee that we will always be there when you need us, and will get you where you need to be and on time.

    Our chauffeur is experienced and knows Melbourne inside and out and back to front. They know how to move around the traffic and get past any on-road delay that would hold up other drivers and leave them stranded in a traffic jam. We understand our customer’s individual needs and will always work to accommodate all special requests, such as a baby seat, a return trip on a later date, or even an additional vehicle to assist with your transfer.

    Allow us to take the some of the burden out of your day by getting you where you need to go, while you relax, or prepare notes for your day in our luxury sedan. Our fleet consists of BMW 7-Series, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler and even a stretch limousine for those very special moments. Let us take you to your next destination in a 5-Star, luxurious chauffeur cars and make it a trip to remember!

    Just VHA can also transport you and your colleagues together in our Mercedes luxury van for times where you wish to travel together in a group. All we ask in return is to ensure you make your booking at least 12hrs in advance in order for it to be confirmed and secured.

    We hope to hear from you very soon!

    Chauffeur Melbourne

    When you try the best, you will not have to call the rest!

    Just VHA are a first class chauffeured cars business operating out of Melbourne. With years of experience, our professional chauffeur Melbourne will ensure you get to where you're going on time and with class.

    Traveling can be a wonderful or terrible experience depending on how you plan it. Many travelers will agree to having experienced stress before and after their trip and especially if you are traveling for work purposes with the pressures that come with this such as traffic or limited knowledge of the terrain.

    Just VHA is a solution to your transfer problems. We offer a first class transfer at an affordable price and a wide range of luxury sedans and vans to suit your needs. Our fleet includes Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Chrysler. All our vehicles are strictly maintained to be safe, clean & reliable and our chauffeurs are experienced, mature age professionals who take pride in their profession and have extensive knowledge of the Melbourne metropolitan and country areas.

    Book your transfers to and from the airport with us be one of our many happy and satisfied clients, who look no further for a reliable and pleasant experience. Let us take the role of ensuring you always arrive on time to the destination of your choosing.

    Your Just VHA chauffeured cars will arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your booking time, the driver will notify you by SMS that he has arrived, and even if you need some extra time to get ready, we will still ensure you get to your destination on time. We can also organise a sedan, van or limousine for to pick you up interstate, and will consult with our interstate partners who will continue your transfer experience when you land in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra or Darwin. Just give us a call on 0412 244 585 and tell us what your travel preferences are. We are always happy to help and offer you the best service.

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    Just VHA cars Melbourne wish you a Happy Valentine's Day

    Love is in the air!

    Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February – what a wonderful opportunity to make your special someone feel loved.

    Ever since the fifth century people have been celebrating this very special day. It is a day for love, forgiveness, and romance.

    Have you organised your surprise for your special someone? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so you better hurry.

    Do something nice, book a dinner at her favourite restaurant, go to the movies or simply take her to the beach. Whatever you decide Just VHA Chauffeured cars Melbourne can make your idea even more glamorous. Make this an exceptional surprise for your partner. Book your transfer in one of our luxurious VHA cars and our chauffeur will drive you to the restaurant or any other location you have arranged for your special evening. Watch your partner’s delighted face when they see what evening you have planned for them! This could be a day to remember. Show your special partner just how much you love them by organising the perfect evening, free of stress and hassles - and having to find a parking spot! Simply call or email us to book your Valentine’s Day transfer in one of our limousines. Book your return transfer to and from your home or hotel to eliminate any worries of finding appropriate parking nearby and allow yourself to completely unwind for the evening. Champagne, roses, chocolates and romantic music can also be organised, just let us know if you would like any of these additional services.

    Call Just VHA’s friendly staff now on 0412 244 585 and reserve your luxury vehicle for this special day of love. For any requests for the particular car (make or model) there will be no surcharge but you have to hurry and call us now or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..