Special occasions

Make Your Special Day More Special.

No matter what is the special event that you are gearing up for, at Just VHA, we will arrange a perfect transport option for you. With us, making your special occasion all the more special is extremely simple. Offering cars, such as Chrysler, Mercedes or BMW chauffeur, we have left no stone unturned to help you travel in style and comfort. Right from School Formals to Race Days, we have a vehicle that best suits your needs to make your special day more special.

Having a discreetly luxurious vehicle (and a uniformed driver) at your service is a wonderful way to make your experience a little more comfortable and different from the other routine days. Our selection of an array of European cars are instantly appealing and will help you in making a lasting impression.

Melbourne customers can use our Mercedes, BMW or Chrysler chauffeur car services for a range of special occasions, which include:

  • Family parties – you can book our larger vehicles (Mercedes 6 and 7 seater) for your family members to go to your family party. We can arrange baby and booster seats for the little once
  • Sporting events get more stylish when you arrive with one of our luxury sedans; BMW, Mercedes or Chrysler. We can send you the first available car or you can book the car you prefer
  • Sightseeing (day tours and winery tours) – Our small group vehicles are suitable for up-to 7 passengers. Our driver can assist you with Victoria’s iconic locations
  • Various romantic occasions (Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, the big proposal!) – Why not surprise your loved one with a luxury transfer to the restaurant or theater. Book one of our luxury sedans for the night to remember
  • Milestone birthdays – No matter how old you are, to feel rich and famous has never been more affordable. Any car from our fleet will guarantee you this feeling
  • Hen or bachelor nights – For your happy group we can arrange one of our Ford limo 11 seaters. Just tell us if you prefer black or white
  • Getting to a concert in red carpet worthy style – Book our vehicle for your transfer to a concert. Our drivers will take you there and wait for you till the concert ends so you don’t have to worry about your transfer back
  • A day at the races – Wear your best dress, look your best and relax in one of our luxury sedans. All our cars are air-conditioned and you may even request a glass of bubbly
  • Receptions and balls – How cool can it be when you are driven to the school party in luxurious cars such as BMW or Mercedes. We can also organize a limo for this occasion
  • Other personal celebrations – For all other celebrations or just regular dinner at the restaurant, we would be happy to help with your transfers
  • Funerals – Life is not always just fun. Sometimes we have to farewell someone we love and those days are never easy. At Just VHA we understand this and can offer you our vehicles for transfer to the funeral

You can choose a Chrysler, Mercedes or BMW chauffeur cars based on your personal preferences and style. While Chryslers offer a distinctive and commanding presence, BMWs have that immediately identifiable badge and are noted for their comfortably sleek interiors. Our spacious Mercedes is plush and popular for small group transfers. Furthermore, our chauffeurs are extremely knowledgeable and well experienced. Therefore, they will be able to take you to all the must-see tourist attractions. With our wide array of well-appointed cars, you can tour at your comfort.

Making Space for Some Extra Luggage Made Easier.

Sometimes a special occasion can be an extended tour, in which you might end up shopping a lot. For instance, a luxury shopping spree or a winery tour might add to your luggage. At Just VHA, we also understand that, at times you might require some extra room for such luggage. Therefore, if you require space for your belongings, please feel free to request, as some of our vehicles have that much required tiny bit of extra storage space than the others.

In our efforts to serve you better, we have a chauffeur team, which is happy to do whatever it takes to provide you with a seamless and a memorable service possible. Right from arranging multiple pick-up points to affixing a special car decoration, we will try to accommodate them all for you. Furthermore, if you want to take a scenic route that means something special to you, then please free to convey it to us. The chances are that we might accommodate this request of yours as well. After all, we believe in serving you better. We take pride in walking that extra mile just to get every fine detail meticulously arranged for you!

If you still have any queries that are holding you back from choosing us, you can call us or enquire online. We would be happy to hear from you.